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What is Art?

A passion for art in all forms and the need to be creative myself is the driving force behind Flying Ducks Art Gallery website. I am in the process of building a collection of artwork displayed in my own home, I consider it to be very important to my personal wellbeing. However I am finding that the more works of art I view and experience, and with the vast diversity available my perception of art changes and develops and I want to fill my walls and shelves with examples of it all.

Then there are all the other works of art from beautiful glass forms to tiny sculptures made from paper, intricately carved pencil leads, sculptures made from recycled metal, wood carved polished so smooth into incredible shapes, fabric sewn to produce beautiful heirloom pieces, pottery and ceramics which are part of the heritage of Staffordshire where I originate from.

And the list goes on.

Making works of art to fill the home with beauty and interest goes back to our earliest ancestors and has been an important part of our lives throughout history.

The big question is ‘What is Art?’ It’s always personal perception and after that we can only answer this question for ourselves. It’s not always about liking a Work of art, its about appreciating the skill of the artist and trying to understand their perceptions behind their work.

The inspiration for the name come from Hilda Ogden’s flying ducks, I love them and am in need of some for my own wall. It’s waiting ready! Some may consider them rather tacky these days, however art can be a very serious business and a bit of tack is needed in every home.

Flying Ducks Art Gallery Blog will explore art in all forms, it’s influences on us, many different artists and the diversity of their work, how to display your Works of art within your own home and much more.