‘Tiger Tiger’ by Artist JD


Tiger Tiger’ by Artist JD

Up and coming artist JD shows the dedication to producing incredible details in this hyper realistic drawing in graphite pencil of the majestic tiger.
Presented with black mount and back board.

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Size: 71cm x 51cm including frame.

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A hyper-realistic drawing of the magnificent tiger relaxing and viewing you with curiosity.

The individual hair strokes and definition of every detail of this wonderful animal shows JD’s talent at drawing.

All JD’s artworks aims to capture every detail, something which stems from a zeal for perfectionism. When the viewer looks at the artwork JD wants them to not just see the drawing but also experience the character of the subject.

JD is greatly inspired by hyper realistic pencil artists such as Caden Fiddler, Arinze Stanley and Jono Dry. Prefers to work mainly with graphite, carbon and charcoal pencils although carbon pencils are rapidly becoming a favoured medium due to their ability to produce a matte finish whilst maintaining the precision and control of graphite.

Some drawings can take 80+ hours to complete, however once lost in the process of drawing one hour can feel like only a minute.



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