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‘The Ravenmaster’ Sculpture by Claire the Witch Crafter Artist


The Ravenmaster 11″ high and 16″ diameter at its widest part. Mixed media sculpture created from recycled materials and repurposed items. Raven is made from polymer clay. £80. Claire explains her inspiration for this piece. She recalls her deep interest in magical belief systems including witchcraft and shamanic practice. She also started her art practice under her name just over a year ago. She uses recycled materials, found items, up cycled items and repurposes them into magical artworks. “I call myself the artist with the magical paintbrush because I can turn everyday items into new things. The Raven in this piece is made from polymer clay and his master is decorated with moss I collected on a run. I have used a pewter effect paint to create the illusion that he is made from metal”.

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Claire Valentine-Gibson known as Claire the Witch Crafter Artist

Claire Valentine-Gibson creates in Oil, a series of magical characters often set on location in Stone. She also makes magical accessories such as wands and chalices, out of found objects, recycled and up cycled materials and items she collects from nature.