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‘The Norse Shamen’ by Claire the Witch Crafter


The Norse Shamen by Claire the Witch Crafter artist.

Claire explains her inspiration for this piece. This painting was originally a different character and she transformed him into a Shamen. It seemed fitting that he came out of a different being. “That’s the beauty of oil paints, I can use my magical paintbrush to create new things from old ones that no longer fit in this world. I have always been interested in magical belief systems and this chap emerged from my mind. As I painted him, I couldn’t help thinking he looked a bit like Jon Snow from the film Games of Thrones”

Size 16” x 20” including frame.

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Claire Valentine-Gibson
Claire Valentine-Gibson creates in Oil, a series of magical characters often set on location in Stone. She also makes magical accessories such as wands and chalices, out of found objects, recycled and up cycled materials and items she collects from nature.