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‘Tantor’ by Sheeba Khan


Despite having a fairytale childhood (the likes of which are written about by Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Rice Burroughs) and a luxurious pampered life in Dubai for 20 years, I went through a very dark and depressing phase. That’s when, almost touching 40s, I discovered art. Art was magically awoken in me to save me. The Xanax pills my doc prescribed were flushed down the toilet as I chose to fight my state of mind. I picked up a tiny discarded jar in the kitchen and decided to give it a new life, little realizing that in reality the jar gave me a new life. One bottle led to another and someone who had never painted in her entire life before suddenly became a passionate, well-known artist. In the last four years, I have painted relentlessly, like my life depends on it (and it does actually). I have renowned curator representing me in New Jersey, one of my pieces has made it to the permanent collection of prestigious museum in South Korea and I have signed up with a well-known gallery on Palm Island, Dubai. I am in talks with galleries in Paris and London. Not bad for shy Indian housewife and ‘stay-at-home’ mom.People tell me I am a role model for women because of how I reinvented myself post 40. I feel like Cinderella, only the glass slipper has been replaced by a brush.

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I am blessed with a magical childhood. The likes of which that gets written about by Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Long story short, I grew up on a huge estate in the jungles of Bhopal, India. Surrounded by tigers, leopards, bears and plenty of other wildlife. I guess my choice of colors and my vivid imagination plays a huge part. ‘Tantor’, the elephant is based on the memories of my jungle.

60 x 90 cm

Acylic on stretched canvas.