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‘Sensorium’ by Sheeba Khan


Despite having a fairytale childhood (the likes of which are written about by Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Rice Burroughs) and a luxurious pampered life in Dubai for 20 years, I went through a very dark and depressing phase. That’s when, almost touching 40s, I discovered art. Art was magically awoken in me to save me. The Xanax pills my doc prescribed were flushed down the toilet as I chose to fight my state of mind. I picked up a tiny discarded jar in the kitchen and decided to give it a new life, little realizing that in reality the jar gave me a new life. One bottle led to another and someone who had never painted in her entire life before suddenly became a passionate, well-known artist. In the last four years, I have painted relentlessly, like my life depends on it (and it does actually). I have renowned curator representing me in New Jersey, one of my pieces has made it to the permanent collection of prestigious museum in South Korea and I have signed up with a well-known gallery on Palm Island, Dubai. I am in talks with galleries in Paris and London. Not bad for shy Indian housewife and ‘stay-at-home’ mom.People tell me I am a role model for women because of how I reinvented myself post 40. I feel like Cinderella, only the glass slipper has been replaced by a brush.

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Science says “Sensorium” is the area of the brain considered responsible for receiving and integrating sensations from the outside world. Some call it the “seat of the soul” in the brain. Fortunately, a select few such as Sheeba have the gift to visualize it and show it to the rest of the world. Forget theory, think of it as a wondrous cave that you can enter and watch the magic of the mind come alive. In every hue and color.
120×80 cm.
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
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