‘Rose’ Original by Lana Bumane


Blossomed orange rose, can you feel the smell?
Size 40x50cm (16″x20″)
Oil painting on canvas, varnished

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The ultimate romantic painting for the home’Rose’ original oil on canvas, varnished for the perfect finish.
My name is Lana. I’m very positive, energetic and strong person. All my art works is made with love from the heart. I started paint with oil colours 3 years ago. Why oils? I always wanted to try, but was to scared, because for me that was very high level and then one day I try and absolutely love it. I love bright colours. Our days tend to be gray, but I enjoy making them colourful. My first paintings was flowers, because of colours, texture and I want they make realistic so that I can feel the smell of them. But right now I can paint everything including portraits. I’m growing more for every painting that I make.

Size 40 x 50cm

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Dimensions 40 × 50 cm