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‘Riding the Wave’ by Samantha Harrison


‘Riding the Wave’ is inspired by wild horses running across a deserted beach, galloping through the waves. A wonderful painting depicting the feminine pink and the strong dark blues showing both the gentle and the powerful.

Size: 36” x 24’ (92cm x 61cm)

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Samantha Harrison is based in Stone, Staffordshire and is a published poet and longtime artist, favouring acrylic paint on stretched canvas as her medium. Samantha’s style is often abstract, but she also pull on emotions, nature and aspects of humanity to create visuals within her abstract forms. She has sold work nationally via the Pine Walks Art Exhibition which takes place throughout the Summer in the Dorset town of Bournemouth, as well as pieces purchased from as far as the USA. Samantha is passionate about expressing herself through colour; utilising brushstrokes and pallet knives to create her dynamic finished original artworks.