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‘Perseverance’ by Sarah Strachan


‘Perseverance’  was the result of a specific idea altering as the painting unfolded and emerged into this wonderful rather more structured abstract painting, With perseverance the shapes and colours transformed themselves into organisation.

Original acrylic on textured canvas abstract painting framed to match the artwork.

25 x 21 inches including frame.

Price includes UK delivery.

International delivery charges upon request.

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Not all my work is planned, sometimes I have a specific idea or look I am trying to bring to life and sometimes the creative process takes over. This is an example of a piece that I had a specific idea for but as I continued to work the idea changed and improvisation took over. The final product is far better than I envisaged but it took some serious perseverance to get there. By Sarah Strachan.

Acrylic on textured canvas – framed

25 x 21 inches including frame.

UK Delivery £20
International delivery charges on request.