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‘Feeling Sassy’ by Valentine Louafi Paper-cut Artwork


‘Feeling Sassy’ by Valentine Louafi is the intricate artwork of paper-cut art, a magnificent portrait which is one of her favourite choices.

Size 53cm x 53cm including white frame.

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Valentines’ artwork has always been drawn to the representation of silhouette due to its delicate sharpness. Its complex simplicity and strong contrasted nature evokes endless depth and meaning
Her actual work is not strictly silhouette-like, but she kept the essence, playing with shadows, and building with negative space.
It’s an art of balance and an art of emptiness. To reveal the subject, you need to remove material. To build with the void. To build with the empty space. Void is necessary, in all existing things. From atomic scale to Universe scale. Negative needs positive, light needs shadow.

Her favourite subject is by far portraits. She is inspired by people. Mostly by indigenous cultures from around the globe practicing body art and body modifications, as a ritual, aesthetic or societal purpose. The initial idea was driven by a will to highlight and magnify the diversity of the comprehension of what we call beauty.
Valentine considers it her way of doing her part for the preservation of ancient cultural practices.
Her art is a out of time space where bridges between ancient and new cultures are created, protecting and giving thanks to ancestral knowledges.