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‘Familiarity’ by Petra Lea


Petra Lea is an internationally known abstract artist who takes part in about 10 exhibitions each year. Her artwork is represented by galleries in New York and China.

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Original abstract painting acrylic on canvas.

51 cms x 51 cms

Petra Lea is a professional artist based in the UK at The Electric Picture House Artists Cooperative. She exhibits throughout the UK and USA including New York, London and Oxford. Her artworks are housed in collections in the UK and USA. She has also had her artwork published in magazines, including Rapsodia Independant Literary Review based in Italy and Capitol No in Switzerland.
She is a member of Collagistes Collective, an international group of collage artists. She is represented by The August Agency in New York and the Artbank in China.
Petra Lea participates in an average of ten exhibitions per year, these include group and solo exhibitions.

Review by Charley Cano
It’s that place where language is transcended, where time and distance are non-existent. It’s there that we begin to understand one another.
It’s those moments in life that are beyond describing which still pull us out of ourselves. Wonder, confusion, curiosity all drift upon breezes. Loss and struggle traverse oceans. Love crosses the sky, shaking the world with thunder and lightning.
In Petra Lea’s art, it’s only you and I in the universe, when there is no you nor I. There is only experience. There is memory, acceptance, an earned wisdom. There is the electric shock of being, and the eternal hungered search for beauty amid chaos.
It’s when we stop exploring this life that we begin to lose it. If we fail to see with fresh eyes daily, to listen to or sniff the wind, we lose its value. It’s that way with art, as well, and the best part about it is there’s always something amazing and new to discover.
Ms. Lea also greatly excels at pop art and collages. She exhibits and enjoys a fast-growing audience and collector list worldwide.