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‘Bursting Poppy’ by Christina Bennett


‘Bursting Poppy’ by Christina Bennett

Stunning original artwork in soft pastels on primed & gesso’d (archival quality) mount board with suspension mounted onto a white painted backboard and are framed in simple white 20mm frame for the Stone Art Trail online.

Size: 71cm x 71cm (28” x 28”) including frame

International delivery charges upon request through contact form.


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Chrissie, as she likes to be known, is an artist working mainly from her home studio in Stone, Staffordshire.
With a background in the design & advertising industry as a graphic designer/typographer, both employed and self employed,
it wasn’t until later in life that she revisited her love of drawing and painting when she needed an ‘escape’ from work and family commitments.
Together with her husband, Noel they continue to run their art, design and photography business trading as CreativeEye.
Most of her time these days though is taken up as an artist/illustrator and sharing her love of art as a tutor.
Her particular passion is for pastels!
Although she’s previously used many other mediums, she always returns to using her favourite soft pastels.