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Consider buying an original work of art as an experience. All the reasons that lured you to the particular work/s of art are part of the adventure. Purchasing an original work of art creates memories of that time whether it be a holiday, a day out to somewhere special or simply a visit to your local art shop in town. The events that happened during that day will be remembered and reflected upon each time you look at the art work you chose. Therapy on your walls making you smile and remember a happy day, a story to relate in conversation.

An original work of art can create a colour palette from which a room can be designed. Or, as happens in many homes, rooms become a mix of colours and a beautiful original work of art can be a meaningful way of bringing it all together. When walls are empty, a room is just a functional area within the home. The rooms with original works of art hung on the walls look finished, and are comfortable places to spend time.

A fabulous work of art creates a focal point in any room, whether it be placed above a fireplace, in view of a dining area, at the top of the stairs or in the bedroom giving a feeling of pleasure each morning upon awakening.

Rose by Lana Dulbinski

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