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It is such a thrill to have the opportunity to offer customers the original paintings by artist Lana Dulbinska on Flying Ducks Gallery website.

Science has proven the importance of having original works of art in your home is part of your personal wellbeing. Art needs to be considered a key piece of furniture for many reasons, however for many people it is considered a luxury. The following will hopefully change your perspective on this.

Brain scans have revealed that looking at original works of art triggers a surge of dopamine, the pleasure and happiness chemical that also registers desire, pleasure and love.
Therefore works of art in your home are vital for your wellbeing as well as creating a feel good factor to the home and a happy social atmosphere, art improves the interior design, adds colour and interest. Art enriches our lives via aesthetic appreciation and through social engagement as a discussion topic. Carefully chosen works of art will create the desired mood in each room from calm and relaxing in the bedroom to vibrancy and vitality in the social rooms in your home.

Where possible aim to buy original works of art, if not, always make the choice of the best you are in a position to buy. Choose the art you like, this is important, it is an extension of your personality and individuality. Enjoy having it on your walls, from a large statement work of art to a wall filled with a diverse collection of smaller pieces.

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