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Maryam Ahtsham, Featured Artist

Maryam calls herself the ‘rainbow artist’ and believes in challenging herself, her creative urge produces a very unique style of artwork. Based in London Maryam’s artwork is characterized by colorful abstracts and mixed media paintings inspired by nature and the miracle of life and is infused with positivity.
Art has always been part of Maryam’s life in different ways and has now almost become an obsession. Maryam enjoys experimenting with different materials, mediums and techniques, and selects the different material used for each painting mindfully when she begins to create her exceptional and unique artwork.
The resulting paintings give powerful reflections of the inspiration and challenges that Maryam gathers from the beauty she personally sees in the world.
Maryam Art Studio was born out of a combination of her passion and her love towards art and colors, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional and bright. Making art is my passion “when I am not busy working on a project I am thinking about new ideas. Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world”
Maryam’s art is full of Happiness and Joy – full of colors and reflects Nature.

All Maryam’s paintings are original works of art.

Featured Artwork ‘Rainbow at Midnight’

🌈 Rainbow Artist 🌈
Paintings Full Of Joy & Colours
“Inspired By Anything & Everything”

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