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Lilith Rose – Painter of Sensual Art

Lilith Rose works from her studio in the UK. She paints nudes, erotic and sensually themed work. She has sold globally and exhibits. She is inspired by Jack Vettriano, Fabian Perez and Edward Hopper.

Lilith loves that Jack is self-taught. “When an artist wants to create a painting, he will forage anywhere to get material to create it” (Rankin, I. 2008). Lilith works from life and takes her own reference photographs.using models.  “They give you a freedom of interpretation”.

She likes the vintage feel to Hopper’s work. Subtle colours and uncomplicated scenes. Lonely somehow. Lilith often paints solitary figures, choosing to write a short paragraph like a miniature story, about what is happening. She leaves the rest to the viewer. She likes to take small portions of an overall scene and show you just that bit. You have to piece the rest together yourself.

This leads to a compulsion to want to see more paintings because you want the next chapter in the story.

She likens herself to the “Female Vettriano” but there is a difference here. “Vettriano paints women for men. The woman seems to be the object and the man is in the position of money and power. In my paintings, the woman is in charge. She is totally in control of every situation. Do not mess with this Goddess!’ She explains that she is not a feminist but believes in male and female egalitarianism. We are different, we have different skills but are equal. We are all on a spectrum of sexuality that is not defined by birth gender. Lilith is a practicing Witch, Pagan and lover of nature. She has volunteered on a number of programmes designed to empower young women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. Lilith is a scientist by training and an artist by nature. “I need to be both in my life”.

About the Artist:

Painting is a meditation for her. It allows onto canvas, that which is hidden within. It provides the space-time for thoughts, feelings and emotions to be noticed and then released. Lilith paints in oil on canvas board as this slow, smooth and patient medium allows for deep tones and textures from velvet to leather, to be crafted.

Recently, Lilith has started working on a number of characters that she has created through her practice as a witch. Watch out for these as they enter into her artwork from late 2019 onwards. Watch closely as the story here unfolds.

Her work has explored the human form and its anatomical beauty, when she began painting at sixteen years of age. Her exposure to the gothic world at University started her journey and enjoyment of the laced, velvet and black opulence of the corseted body. It sowed the seed of Paganism. She enjoys playing with the way lace, chiffon and other fragile fabrics can hide and reveal simultaneously. She is excited by the use of light and shadow to achieve the same. Eroticism and sensuality for her, is not about what you can see, but what you cannot. What you’ve dreamt of but never can possess. What you may have felt or desire to experience. Her pieces are provocative, teasing and intimate rather than explicit. She often portrays lone figures, inviting the viewer to interpret the situation. You are the voyeur and your imagination can be more powerful and vivid than the image alone. Her aim is to open that portal without fear that what you might find may vanish, or that you might be judged. She intends for her work to lead you into your own fantasy where there are no boundaries, no ‘right ‘and ‘wrong’, just this moment, as it is now, from Lilith to you, through a shared image.

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