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Is Exercising Being Creative?

I finally found the inspiration and did my first power walk of the Spring this morning. The alarms’ waves of harp music aroused me at 5.30am which gives me time to gently get myself together and be out just before 6am.
So why do I do this? For me, it’s about becoming fitter, stronger and having more energy, but it is also about creating the body I want to look at in the mirror.
Gyms often have mirrors to exercise in front of or see the results of your workouts, even admire the changes in your body, see the muscle definition and the tight buttocks!!
In my books exercise can be considered as a creative interest.

The other side of this is that exercise such as walking can improve certain types of cognitive efforts involved in creativity, specifically convergent thinking creates the ability to come up with solutions to problems and divergent thinking which involves conceiving and creating open-ended original ideas.
Feeling good is certainly an important part of the relationship between exercise and creativity, feeling good means having low levels of anxiety and being more relaxed which help to induce the flow states that are foundational to creative work.

My conclusion therefore, is that exercise itself can be considered creative which in turn leads to a happier state of mind where creative thoughts can find you.

Happy exercising .

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