Featured Artist – Silvia Haralambova

Featured Artist – Silvia Haralambova

Silvia is a contemporary Bulgarian artist working in the field of fine and applied art who has inherited the love to art from her grandfather who was a textile designer at the textile factories all around the country. Since childhood and school years Silvia has loved to create different art works like dolls from a variety of natural materials.
Silvia has painted aquarelles, pastels and sketches too. She then began to work with textiles, making woven sweaters, jackets and woven wall hangings made of natural materials, some of them combined with carved wood.

As an artist and a person, acting with senses and feelings, Silvia would say that works of art speak more than words. She allows her creations to talk about themselves. They alone can show the ways and things which inspire and give Silvia the inspiration to continue with artwork.

In part the roots of Silvia’s inspiration can be found in the traditional Bulgarian folklore and ancient cultures – all of them having left a trace after their presence in her life and artwork. Silvia works at uniting all this multicultural and ethnical diversity in her artwork, reconstituting them through her unique vision.

Nature plays a great importance in Silvia’s artwork as well. Being convinced that every artist needs a wide variety of new and interesting places on earth in order to provoke, enrich and develop their art life, she is constantly aiming to broaden her artistic horizon and to develop herself farther as an artist.

In that connection Silvia have been participating in Artist-in-Residence Programs in different countries like Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Ireland, Her works of art have been shown in galleries in USA, Canada and Europe.

The series of paintings and the woven textile work of art currently available on Flying Ducks Art Gallery website are a part of a series of art creations which have been inspired from Silvia’s favourites Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea, both of which spread on both sides of Greece.

What particularly has always influenced Silvia’s inspiration is the constant interaction between the vivid colours of the shining sun, the multiple shades of the blue and the green of the sea, the game of the sun and moon light and the countless stars over the sea surface – day and night, at dawn and at twilight; the sea in calmness and in gale, the bright endless horizon and sky; the green pine forests along the coast, dashing towards the water; the unique picturesque curve of the rainbow after the falling of the rain ….

This whole atmosphere itself inevitably induces internal and impulsive urges to transmit this special state of mind, feelings and sensations onto the canvas or within the fibres of the loom in a kind of unifying, abstractive manner.

Silvia would say that all her pieces of artwork have one and the same title but with specific variations. Silvia particularly wants to allow the observers to find titles for each artwork on their own, depending on their perceptions and emotions at the instant of viewing the work.

Featured work of art – Abstract 05