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Featured Artist – Sarah Strachan

Artist Sarah Strachan is a self taught abstract artist who lives in Morecombe, Lancashire. Sarah work primarily with acrylics in there different forms and mixed media on canvas

Sarah’s inspiration can come from anywhere, a thought, a feeling, her surroundings, the elements, the list is endless. For Sarah the process of translating inspiration into a physical representation is therapeutic for the soul which is the essence of producing art.

Sarah describes her artwork as emotional, metaphorical, tactile and an extension of who she is as a human, a woman, a mum, a wife and an artist. Every piece produced is truly unique. From the mixture of emotions felt whilst creating the work to the combination of paints and textures used to express them.

A variety of techniques are used to create each piece of artwork, usually starting with a layer of texture. Sarah tends to favour crackle paste, heavy body model paste and glass beads, and has also been known to use more unconventional items such as string and even patterned wallpaper.

Next she lays down the paint, the method used is often dictated by the texture of the canvas and how Sarah wants the piece to feel. Using Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics and adjusting their viscosity depending on whether she is creating a fluid pour, using the dip technique or simply applying paint straight onto canvas.

Abstract art allows Sarah to express how she feels and portray what has inspired her in her own unique way. Sarah loves the expression and texture of abstract art where there are no rules and gives a feeling of freedom.

The road to completing a piece is different every time, it’s a delicate process of addition, revision, adjustment, sometimes even subtraction, all in a bid to capture her vision on canvas for all to see.

Sarah hopes to brighten your day with her wonderful creative artwork and make you feel happy – Decorate the World.

Features Artwork: ‘Rejuvenation’, Perseverence’, Emergence’ and ‘Corrosion’

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