Featured Artist – Michelle Hold

Featured Artist – Michelle Hold

“I like to build bridges for others to see.”

For Michelle art is her life and passion. She bases her work on capturing the essence of feelings and emotions, the invisible eternal energy that surrounds and pervades the universe, focusing on beauty she considers to be scarce in these current times.
Michelle is inspired by nature and new science where it meets spirituality and creates from a place of no time, no space, no body.
Like an architect, Michelle loves to construct her wonderful images with multiple layers but at the same time leaving space for something unexpected to happen. Her dance like movements encounter the vibrations of colour.
Colour is vital to Michelle to enable her to convey her message of harmony and wellbeing, allowing her interest in the perception of space and emotion through the transformation of change of position using bold vibrant colours. Skilled learned whilst training and working in textile design.

Michelle’s aim to offer spectators a view into special moments of time where all is possible, to create enchanting paintings with a sense of wellbeing and open mindedness.

In Michelle’s own words:
“When I create I seem to tap into the real me, into something bigger than my present body, into the endless possibilities of this universe.
And I feel complete.
Painting is my tool to bring beauty and wellbeing to you.
I am passionate about colour, harmony and abstraction”.

“ Colour stimulates and energises my way to paint, abstraction enables me to see beyond the tangible”.

“One of the most amazing parts of my journey as artist is to inspire other people and
let them see, understand and enjoy the world in a way they didn’t before”.

A unique and individual artist whose artwork is full of light and energy, bold, vibrant colours sensitively layered to portray a depth of emotion and spirituality.

Art with ‘wall presence’ that need to take centre stage.

Michelle Hold original paintings will be on sale with Flying Ducks Art Gallery at The Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 10th & 11th November 2018
Featured artwork:
Keep the Light Coming
Come Along
La Vie en Rose