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Featured Artist Mark Noble – Painter of Light

Mark Noble was born with severe dyslexia which resulted in him having a difficult time at school. Mark spent 20 years working in a local plastics factory until he made the choice to pursue his dream of becoming an artist studying at Strode College where he excelled.
Mark has always struggled with his language skills and ability to communicate, however he believes art was the key to unlocking both his thought and language disability and has made him more imaginative and artistic.

Mark is inspired by the Romantics era, particularly by the work of Turner and hopes that through his artwork he is able to express the mystical, the dream-like, and his personal vision of the sublime beauty, diversity and wonders of the transient natural world that surrounds us.
Through Mark’s delicate attention to the commonplace or overlooked he is expressing the emotional and cognitive realities of the inner life. This relationship is at the same time physical, emotional and spiritual, and involves crossing that imaginary boundary that divides our inner emotional lives from the physical, tactile world around us.

I wish my paintings to represent a first step in the mind of the viewer towards an inner journey that will challenge their preconceptions of the natural world and set them on a path towards self-discovery.

When Mark was young he lived by the sea which has been one of the influences in his artwork, however he just likes to romanticise his artwork, ‘sublime’ being his favourite word. Perfect examples of these influences are seen in his original paintings ‘Sunset Over the Ocean’ and ‘Boats on Moonlight Bay’. Romance is in the air with Mark’s wonderful painting ‘Starry Night at Glastonbury Tor’

‘Sunset Over the Ocean’
‘Starry Night at Glastonbury Tor’

Mark’s journey has been inspired by artist Turner who embraced both the power and majesty of the natural world as seen in his painting ‘Niagara Falls’ where like Turner he’s has attempted to harness both the destructive force and its magical qualities. And as with many of Mark’s paintings the quality of light is represented perfectly.

‘Niagara Falls’

An an enthusiastic, creative and hardworking artist Mark is able to continue to develop new artistic skills which is expertly proven in his new abstract artwork ‘Wild Seahorses’ and ‘Moments in Time’

‘Wild Seahorses’
‘Moments in Time’

Mark’s artwork also includes pencil and watercolour such as used to produce the delicate and detailed look at nature in ‘Birds in Autumn’.

‘Birds in Autumn’

Through the relationships between colours, images, shapes and forms that characterise Mark’s artistic journey, it is hoped the viewer will recognise the fragility of our existence in the face of those primeval forces that make up the natural world.

Mark is currently setting out on a new journey to help others pursue their own artistic hopes and vision. He is working to establish a teaching and mentoring programme which he hopes will give him the opportunity to encourage those who, like him, have creative dreams yet to be fully realised.

Mark Noble is now becoming an established artist and has exhibited works across the UK and Europe, most recently in Prague, and has received interest from as far afield as South America.

Flying Ducks Art Gallery are delighted to welcome and represent Mark Noble and his wonderful works of art.

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