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Featured Artist – Laura H Elliott

Laura H Elliott is a contemporary, multi-media artist who is passionate about mixed-media painting and creating sculptural metal clay designs with genuine gemstones.

Laura is the same in the arts as she is with life and learning, inquisitive and driven. Her work is a dichotomy of mediums, creating paintings side by side with metal clay work. The exploration of ideas over the years has led to an abstraction in her work, with one medium directly inspiring the other. It was a slow progression towards this change, but it has ignited such a new energy into Laura’s work. She adores both mediums, with each having its own process and challenges.

Laura finds painting an unfocussed, instinctual process, with a simple colour palette choice being the only planning she needs to do. Art and the execution of her designs is an instinctive process which allows her to express her feelings and representations of life and draws out of her the essence of who she really is as a person.

Laura’s collection featured on Flying Ducks Art Gallery website ‘The Landscape Moods Collection’ focuses on landscapes creating a dialogue unique to this collection with a combination of mediums. Exploring Laura’s fire, passion for life and the challenging her creativity just as life does. Art is a deep love for Laura and is a reflection of who Laura is, part of her identity.

“The ‘Landscape Moods Collection’ of paintings have progressively exploring abstraction, colour and texture. These artworks reflect Laura’s desire to be constantly evolving, in order to progress her work. These collections draw inspiration from a number of sources, including patterns, shapes and colours found within the four different elements: earth, water, wind and fire. Bright colours and fluorescent neon paints will express energy and vibrance. As with all Laura’s work, the key components are emotions and mood at the time of creation, maintaining a fluidity of ideas and a freedom of exploration.”

It was in 2002 that Laura began studying for an Art and Design Access Diploma, taking a step towards becoming a professional artist, further developing her knowledge of the arts. The final piece of her professional puzzle was achieved when she gained her Art and Media Bachelor with Honors in 2008 at The University of the Creative Arts Farnham, specialising in Fine Art and Photography. Laura’s paintings and metal clay designs are displayed in private collections worldwide and have been exhibited within exciting group and solo exhibitions, memberships and galleries.

Featured Artwork: ‘Spotty Punk’d Panther, ‘Shedding Punk’d Viber and ‘A wrinkle in My Time’

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