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Can Artwork in the Office Influence Employee Efficiency & Productivity

Can Artwork in the Office Influence Employee Efficiency and Productivity?

Art encompasses a wide variety of media from paintings to sculpture to the print on your mug and has an effect on all of us in one way or another. Studies have shown that the use of colour within the workplace can evoke employee emotional responses so what about art? Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than look aesthetically pleasing or impress visitors, it can actually influence employee efficiency, productivity and creativity. We can consider creativity to be much more that artwork, how an email is written, organising the filing, extended vocabulary or displaying the certificates.

Let us consider some of the merits of displaying works of art within the work place.

Art inspires and motivates creative potential.

When given the opportunity to view impressive paintings or photographs people often feel inspired or motivated in some way. This is the reason why motivational posters include photographs of magnificent sunsets, exceptional surroundings such as towering trees, mountains and powerful animals or amazing feats of athleticism. The inspiration felt when looking at works of art unlocks creative potential and helps to generate innovative ideas which in turn lead to new business practices and ultimately creates economic growth.

Artwork affects the atmosphere of a room

Works of art evoke many emotions depending on the content and can have a distinct influence of the ambience of an area.
Taking romantic artwork as an example, pastoral scenes of nature tends to enhance the feeling of peace and contentment to most viewers. Displaying photographs or paintings of peaceful, natural settings will help their employees to feel happy and contented and will create a general sense of clam to the office. Art is meant to be viewed directly not on small computer screens, this is especially true of Romantic art. It was designed by the artists to convey grand, sweeping landscapes that expanded the spirit when viewed.
Artwork can also add personality to a space or area making it an interesting and comfortable place to gather and chat during break times.

Works of Art improve employees experiences

There are well-known studies around the use of colour in the workplace and the emotional responses that it can evoke, but what about art? Can the selection of art have a positive and or negative impact on employee’s overall well-being therefore collectively affecting a company’s performance and productivity?
According to studies conducted by workplace planning and design consultant companies it has been found that placing artwork in the workplace has a positive effect on how people experience the office environment and in their productivity levels, including job performance, satisfaction and their ability to communicate with each other.
A study by professional art advisors of employees working in offices with artwork showed that 83 percent of the employees felt that artwork was important in the work environment. Of those employees, 73 percent also said that their perceptions of their workplace and their work experiences would change if the art were removed.
By having artwork to stimulate ideas, promote feelings of wellbeing and calm, giving employees something beautiful to look at where they spend the majority of their working day can truly make a difference to employee satisfaction and job performance and contribute to wellbeing.

Artwork by Jason Pengelly used as an example of an inspiring work of art for the workplace.

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