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Pink Star

It all began over a bottle of Prosecco in Liverpool one lunchtime. My comment was ‘if you have the money, go and buy the painting you like so much and enjoy having it on your wall’.

I took my own advice and my journey as an art collector began with an original painting by artist Dale Bowen called ‘Pink Balloon’ a quirky painting that resides in my bedroom and makes feel happy every time I look at it.

Once I had the bug, then looking at art, admiring it and buying it when possible became a way of life, organised around searching out local artists, art fairs, art galleries, exploring hidden away places and artists, mini adventures to meet artists and even holidays abroad.

Flying Ducks Gallery is my way of bringing artists and their diverse and amazing works of art to your attention, giving you the opportunity to acquire your own beautiful artwork at the press of a button or two. The plan is to offer works of art for sale from as many different artists as possible in as many forms as possible. All artists are local to somewhere so for me it will be local artists from everywhere.