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Adventure in Belgrade Unusual 3D Art Found

There is art and then there is the most unusual 3D art found venturing the streets of Belgrade. An open door down a dark side street at the side of Belgrade’s Youth Centre and I could not resist having a look in. Met with an image of a rather strange looking piece of 3D artwork and investigating along a corridor, there was a room full of these unusual and amazing 3D artworks.  The literature was all written in Serbian, however the photo showed many dolls of different sizes all piled together with parts of other toys also used in the artwork.  The artist Orjen Djuric is a graduate of Applied Arts from Belgrade University. What a fabulous experience to have found these rather wacky artworks, well crafted with comedy and an immense sense of fun, some are rather cheeky if not a bit risqué.  The adventure continues …..

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