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      business scope
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      1: US Shipping DDP

      It is mainly engaged in star, EVA fixed delivery, COSCO fixed delivery, EXX, Mason overtime ship, Mason regular ship and Mason limited time delivery

      2.: European shipping DDP

      Shanghai style operation route: Shenzhen loading → Yantian sailing → arriving at port 18 days after sailing → Greece / bire → Greek customs clearance, extraction → delivery; It can reach Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, Monaco, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria, with 50 days of signing. It can be tax inclusive or customer independent VAT

      3: European Truck

      China Europe truck operation route: Shenzhen loading → Horgos → Kazakhstan → Russia → Belarus → Poland Belgium (customs clearance completed) → UPS extraction, up to Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, 25-35 days. Tax can be included or deferred by the customer's own VAT.

      4: European Railway

      European railway operation route: Chongqing → Alashankou → Poland / Ukraine → Hungary / Poland customs clearance (German DPD / UPS delivery), up to Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Greece Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania, extracted in about 45 days.

      5: Canada shipping DDP

      Main business: Air Canada, Shanghai Canada, Hong Kong UPS red single package tax channels, up to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and business and private addresses.

      6: Large cargo transportation in Europe and America

      There are sea card channels in Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, which can take super large goods. The weight and size of a single piece are not limited. It can take large goods such as furniture, household appliances, machinery and equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, outdoor display screen, aviation box, agricultural machinery, electric vehicle and so on; The whole process includes customs clearance, customs duty and delivery.

      7: DHL international express

      Main business: DHL agency channel, DHL trade channel, mainland DHL, Hong Kong DHL. It can take battery products, pure battery, electronic cigarette, etc., and the price is cheap

      8: UPS international express

      Main products: UPS red order, UPS blue order, UPS except 5000, UPS except 6000, UPS except 7000, UPS we channel, which can send Amazon warehouse tax package directly. Amazon is the first choice for out of stock. It is also a good choice for customers who sell goods

      9: TNT International Express

      TNT express mainly focuses on South America and Africa. These remote countries are very suitable for TNT express, and TNT express can take large-size goods without surcharge

      10: FedEx international express

      FedEx international express, also known as FedEx, has a great price advantage in Southeast Asia and the United States, and can take super long pieces without surcharge

      11: Southeast Asia Logistics line

      Our company has opened several special lines for the Southeast Asian market, with the characteristics of low price, good customs clearance and fast timeliness. At present, the special lines opened include Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

      12: European and American container transportation

      Our company has opened centralized transportation services for foreign students and Chinese, providing warehousing, packaging and counting services free of charge, centralized packaging and centralized delivery of packages for multiple customers, and helping overseas Chinese and students solve the problems of high freight and difficult delivery. Food, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc. can be distributed, and the product name is unlimited

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